The16 in Boston & New York

The16 have returned from their trip with a lot of new entrepreneurial insights and experience. After Toronto, they visited Boston to meet with even more startups and entrepreneurs. In New York, The16 managed to get an invite to Google headquarters and visit the Dutch consulate. Watch the clips below to get the full scoop on their adventures in the US!


The16 in Toronto

Last week, The16 embarked on their trade mission to the USA and Canada. First stop: Toronto! Where they visited the TO Tech Summit and met with local entrepreneurs. The16 are now vlogging about their exciting journey! Watch the clip below and get to know The16 in an exclusive video report of their trip. Check back for more video blogs in Boston and New York!


The16 Alumni Event

Friday February 19th, The16 Student Entrepreneurs of The Netherlands organized an alumni event for all previous chosen ones who have already experienced the adventure before. All attendees told their own rollercoaster stories from one of the previous editions. In 2011, The16 went to Boston and Silicon Valley, in 2012 to Turkey and in 2013 to China. The combination of The16 veterans with people who are looking forward to going on a trade mission in April, certainly created an inspiring atmosphere. Click here to continue reading.

the16 alumni event


Introducing The16 Student Entrepreneurs ’15/’16

Out of all the applicants, Dutch Centers for Entrepreneurship and nominated 25 promising entrepreneurial students to be assessed by a professional jury. At the Opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, 14 candidates were announced to participate in this years’ daring challenge. The16 normally consists of a maximum of 16 driven and talented students. The groups’ size depends on the level of motivation and entrepreneurship the students exhibit in their application. This year, the jury chose 14 students that showed the most aptitude to complete the challenge successfully. If you would like to see the complete list of this year’s candidates, please click here. I’m one of The16!

Introducing The16